Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday. Springtime. It's warm. Time for another "idiot in a car versus intelligent ME on my rollerblades" story: I'm trucking along on the path that crosses a few intersections. I'm about 6'2" in blades, and I definitely am a visible 225+ lb guy. I approach this intersection, and the guy in the SUV (it's often an SUV) sees me. I'm crossing in the crosswalk. "Mutton for brains" pulls his SUV right in front of me so I have to slam on the brakes and go around him. I'm not going very fast, and I'm not some punk sk8er d00d, I'm a middle-aged guy who would yield for a biker, runner or skater myself. But not Mr. SUV. He stares at me with all the intellect of a newborn ostrich as I skate by and muster up the nastiest "if looks could kill there wouldn't be enough DNA to identify you" face I can swing. This dude deserves to be drug from behind his vehicle and repeatedly bashed in the head with my 12 lb skate. Why the hell he couldn't have stopped about 4 feet earlier is beyond my comprehension.