Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm fortunate enough to live in a suburb of the "haves." I think my income is on the low end of the scale, but I'm comfortable and definitely benefit from all the nice stores, schools and amenities living in what this Minneapolis suburb can provide. However, there is significant downside to this. I'm talking about people and their sense of "entitlement." I am constantly dealing with arrogant (more so than me!) people who feel they don't have to signal, they are talking on the phone or they don't have to yield, because obviously they have a big SUV. Today, I'm walking in Chili's behind some of these people, and the woman at the tail end of the group lets the person in front of her old the door for her and then lets the door slam in my face. She definitely saw me. I grab the door before it closes, thinking it was maybe just a mistake, but she does the second door the same way, letting it also slam in my face. That's a real nice common courtesy here, lady. She's fat as can be, wearing fashionable clothing (which is after all an achievement when you're her size), and too much makeup and perfume. Apparently all those magazine ads that say "go ahead, indulge yourself" has gone to her head. It's sad that when someone finally gives her the beatdown she so richly deserves (go ahead, indulge yourself), she will be completely dumbfounded as to why it's happening.