Thursday, March 30, 2006

Courtesy of Rita:

I recently got a dedicated office phone installed in my home office. BellSouth was kind enough to complete the number assignment and installation lickety split, and all was well until the new phone began to ring.

God help me, the ringing.

Night, day, weekends, weekdays.

Evidently, my "new number"'s old life was barely cold, and certainly not buried, when the BellSouth bastards resurrected the "number of the Beast" and assigned it to me.

In less than 5 days, I have determined that "Jeremy G" is a no-good, thieving, bill-dodging bastard. He has ducked out on AT LEAST the following:
LA Fitness gym membership
American Express bill
Macy's card
Toyota car payments
Men's Fitness magazing subscription

Wanna know how I know? Cause EVERY F#&@)&@ time the phone rings, I go running, thinking I am responding to a legitimate business call, only to hear the sickening sound of dead air, followd by a static-filled connection to an overfilled, buzzing with activity skip trace call center, and the hopeful question of "Jeremy G?" My responses of "I'm sorry, you have an outdated listing" might as well be "Yes, this is Jeremy G. Please unload your hostility on me."

F##@#&@ Bellsouth. A round-the-clock beatdown to the ears and head with a ringing 2-line speakerphone is too good for them.