Friday, February 10, 2006

Bitching about work on a blog, even if it's "anonymously" is never a good thing. I tend to avoid it, because some of the people who view it are sitting in cubes next to me, and frankly I get along with most of them anyhow. However, bitching about something that happens at work, now that's different. Our building is rented, and we have a caretaker. For argument's sake, let's call him "Lugnut." Lugnut has an IQ that is in direct competetion with his shoe size. Eventually, both will be at 11. Lugnut also is in my office frequently, and since I have the corner cube next to the main training room, I have to endure Lugnut on his cellphone. He talks loud. Like, lumberjack going deaf loud. "Yah, tell 'im dat dere ting is on dah dock and 'e shud call me back." Loudmouth idiot, he deserves a nice kick in the head.