Thursday, January 19, 2006

Being a server at a restaurant isn't an easy job--I've done it, and you have to have a knack for juggling things in your head. Short term memory loss due to years of vodka use isn't going to make you a good server. Case in point: today. Jrod, The Jeff, TT, and I are chowing at the local barbecue eatery for lunch. The waitress, approximately 4.5 IQ points higher than the nose of Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore, comes over and takes our order. Jrod and I order soup with our entrees. "Would you like that out first?" "Yes." We wait, and wait, and wait. The table next to us gets their food--they ordered after us, lucky for them they had a server who is apparently self-aware. Eventually our server brings out our soup, after I sat and watched it sit on the counter in the kitchen for 10 minutes. 30 seconds later, the runner brings our entrees. This is exceptionally stupid, and brings to light a person who has no business being a server. The place was not busy, the waitress appeared to only have 3 tables. Lest you think she's new, she's not--she's shown this sort of incompetence on visits there at previous times. She deserves a beatdown, and a career change. Ugh.