Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I >love< it when someone with a marketing degree works for a tech company. With that combination of ignorance and arrogance (and missing reason and accountability), you end up with some of the silliest "feel good" titles to everyday things. Take for example, Oracle. They have the audacity to call their pricing model, I kid you not, a "Software Investment." What complete and utter cow flatulence this is. It's software, you buy a license. It's not a stock, bond, mutual fund, forex play, option, commodity, certificate of deposit, precious metal, or work of art. It's something that just slightly bug-free enough to run a business on (usually). It's not an investment, and the clever little marketing whiz who came up with this nomenclature deserves some time with my snow removal investment (a shovel), where I'll make a deposit of 20 whacks on his facial moisturizer investment (his head).