Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last night (Friday), wifey, boy, myself, and a visiting friend LW are standing in the entryway of the local pub/restaraunt, waiting for a table. It's very busy--we show up at about the peak of the rush, and wholly expect to wait when we come in. Unfortuately there's a generaly lack of common sense among the management of the place. We're standing in this open area in front of the hostess, and there's this stupid free-standing sign there announcing the Tuesday night "kids eat free" event. It's one of those signs that has angled rails holding it up in an "A" shaped frame, like a leaderboard sign (check the picture for a close example). The top of the sign doesn't clearly indicate how far out the legs are sticking, and with people all mulling together in a herd, it's difficult to see. Everyone is tripping over this dumb thing. Why in the world is it even there? Maybe this isn't a true beatdown, just a little whining, but I don't understand why the manager of this place doesn't notice everyone tripping over and knocking this thing over, since we're all packed into this waiting area. Hang the stupid sign on the wall.