Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vo's definition of insanity: Outfitting your toddler with brand name clothes like Polo. Have people got so much cash flow that they cannot find anything else to spend their money on except for super spendy clothing for children? Today I saw a kid in a highchair with a Polo sweater, Polo pants, and Polo brand shoes. The only way I can forgive this sin is if this all was purchased at TJMaxx. However, because "mom" had what appeared to be 60% fake everything herself (hair color, eye color, breasts...), I doubt this to be the case. Anyone who outfits a 2 year old kid with a $300 "everyday" brand name outfit deserves to be beaten over the head with their own crack pipe. Also, there's no reason whatsoever a kid who can barely speak should be wearing a gold bracelet. That's another noggin' that deserves intimate time with a tire iron from a '72 Ford LTD.