Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The unreachable live webcast: Today Google and Sun were announcing some new partnership. The details of all this was to be webcast live, but I wonder how many people actually saw it because I kept getting "The page could not be found" in my RealPlayer software (RealPlayer being the topic of a future beatdown, I can assure you). This seems to happen to me whenever I want to see a company-related webcast, and it's not a bandwidth issue--it's technical problems on the back end. The recent Oracle/Peoplesoft merger produced the same problems for viewing--the sites were not either ready or it was directing us to content that wasn't present, thus a lovely 404 error. These are friggin' tech companies, the biggest there are, and they cannot somehow set it up so their webcast can be viewed? It's daft, and the lack of attention to this is maddening. All these people need to be taken out for a nice Chinese dinner of smack, crack, and head-shot attack.

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