Sunday, October 09, 2005

Uh oh. Every once and a while I slip and my humanity creeps in, and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention it. If you'll recall, I get really irritated when I end up behind someone who pushes it in the express lane, bringing in more items than the posted maximum. Well, today I fell into the well of stupidity myself. Wifey, boy, and me were in the local Super-Target with a cartload of stuff. I saw an open checkout lane, and took off for it immediately. I had everything unloaded, the first few items were scanned, and I looked up and the sign said "10 items or less.". Whhhooooops. I think I was somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 [picture Vo whistling and looking up at the ceiling with his hands in his pants pockets]. No one was behind us for a while, then someone got in line, and she looked at me with a very irritated [and justfied] look. I deserved it 110%. I asked the checkout gal if I should maybe move to another lane and she said not to worry about it (I love Target customer service), but I was a schmuck, a dolt, and deserve a knock on my own pumpkin.