Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Let's rant just a little more about the Men's Room. I'd like to wish a mighty "silence alone" beatdown to anyone who conversates at me while I'm sitting in a stall. We established yesterday that the bathroom is my personal library, it's where I do my reading. Have you chatted at a library recently? Did you get shushed by the librarian? Exactly. Now, inevitably someone talks to me while I'm in the stall--interrupting my current book or magazine, then he sneaks out of the bathroom while I'm in the middle of making my point. Enter another person, who hears me talking to nobody in particular. This of course doesn't improve my mental ranking in the company at all. "Vo was talking to himself during tinkle again...," coworker will be saying to another coworker at the water cooler. So, rather than subject myself to interruptions during my [relatively] quiet time, interrupt my studies, and cause me to appear to be unstable in general, I'd appreciate if you just shut the hell up when we're in the bathroom and I'm in a stall. If I cannot see you, much like an infant, I am invisible and thus not there. Thank you.