Saturday, October 15, 2005

Last night wifey, boy, and myself are on the way home after an enjoyable dinner out. It's Friday night, and the weather is remarkably nice for a Minnesota October evening. As we roam home, we come along a yutz in a minivan (which is often the case--that is a yutz existing in a minivan) piddling along at 32 mph in a 45 mph zone. He's in the left lane and we need to stay in that lane and take yet another left turn lane coming up. I'm a little close to the bugger, but it's not a big deal because we're going to quickly be in the left turn lane and there's no real risk of safety here. He's driving for me though, and flashes his brakes. I snap into the next lane, and looking back at this idiot who apparently is mustering up all his intelligence to operate the vehicle without crapping his pants, he motions this look at me and points at his head. He points at his head, like I'm supposed to compliment him on his ability to return to the DMV to renew his license yet clearly posessing the intelligence of a field pumpkin? What the heck is this about? Is this a testimony to "thinking while driving?" Dude, you clearly cannot function if the world comes past you at a speed of 33 mph or more, and you motion to me this? Or, as Beevis would say, "areyouthreateningmeeee?" as if to hold a gun up? Clearly this man's courage was increased by the sanctity of his vehicle, as he drove on. If there was ever a dillweek that deserved to be drug from the car and Rodney King'ed right there in the street, it was "Mr. Pointer Man."