Saturday, September 03, 2005

"Please wait while we activate your card. While waiting, we'd like to tell you about some special offers we have for you as a cardholder.." Ugh. So, eventually after hearing 20 clicks, 3 ringing tones, and entering my credit card number twice, I get to a representative who tells me "oh, your travel insurance hasn't been activated yet." After a 30 second plug, I'm told it's just 19.95 evertime I book a flight. Umm, no thanks. I just wanted to activate my card so I can have more consumer debt and help out the economy by continuing to buy stuff I really can't afford, thank you. Why must they bother us with this stuff? I'd like to find the person who decided on this marketing technique and shove my card into his mouth, and then lining up 425 other people to do the same.