Friday, September 02, 2005

Another weekend, another skater kid with a cap on during a hot day. However, this time there's a twist. Wifey, boy and myself are out shopping and pass two kids skating in the parking lot. No big deal--both are making the fashion statements with their caps, it's 85, but hey, whatever, right? Except, skater-dude #2 goes past me, and I kid you not...

The kid is wearing a diaper on his head.

We're talking the pull-up post-toddler type training pants. Yup, this 11 year old kid is sporting the old midnight-pee-catcher on his noggin. Did I miss something in fashion trends? My apologies the photos aren't better, but I do think he deserves a little anonymity and I doubt hardly anyone would recognize him from these photos, taken in a public place. I think it unfair to pick on an 11 year old, so I'm thinking his clueless parents really need to step in, lest they deserve a whoop on the head.