Sunday, August 14, 2005

Chase Bank credit cards: You are officially on beatdown notice. Recently wifey realized she hadn't gotten a payment into the mail on time to make it by the due date. No problem--I've done this too so I typically jump online and make a payment there. The credit card pulls from the checking account directly, and credits the payment in time. Problem: Chase likes to put you over the barrel and shaft you with a $15 surcharge for this service. FIFTEEN bucks? To ensure the bank gets paid on time? Out-freaking-ragious! American Express doesn't do this sort of stuff, several of my other bank cards don't do this, but Chase does everything they can to rape you for extra dollars. Hey, it's either a late fee of $30 and a bang on your credit report, or $15, which many people will pay to avoid the larger late fee. The opportunistic bastards. In my minds eye, I'm walking with a baseball bat through long marble hallways, where I finally reach the office of the "credit officer" who thought up this policy. This little 5 foot 2 inch worm in a black suit with too much pomade in his hair and wire-rim glasses trembles and begs for mercy before I commence to delivering his beatdown.

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