Monday, July 11, 2005

A while ago, I took a little poke at Major Nelson of Microsoft's Xbox Live division, calling him on the carpet for calling a "podcast" a "blogcast." Some people agreed with me, and there were some very vocal people disagreeing with me and supporting Larry in his blog. I laughed at some of these, I love it when someone calls me a "fanboy" of one thing when I've got the most cross-platform office at home and work, but I digress. As a followup to my comments before, news comes today on the Seattle PI's The Insider Column:

So how do you create a "podcast" without implicitly acknowledging the ubiquity of the product from one of your company's competitors?

Why, you "blogcast," of course.

That slightly awkward name, apparently derived from the words weblog and broadcast, is being used by several Microsoft employees to offer their own audio programs over the Internet.

Larry, I enjoy your PODcast, but I STILL roll my eyes every time I hear the word "blogcast." Now I need to close my zipper-umm, fastener on my rollerblades--er, inline skates, after I blow my nose in a kleenix--umm, tissue.