Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh, where to begin with this one...on my way back to work from lunch I snapped this photo on the road.

Okay, let's warm up the beatdown machinery because we've got a lot here. First off, we have Moron #1 in the geriatric-mobile. This person WAS next to me at the stop light when the aspiration was revealed to her that a left turn was a much better idea, so she started this multi-step back-and-forth technique and ended up with her car halfway into the turn lane.

After all of Moron #1's posturing, Moron #2 decides he's got to get up to the line because the drag-strip lights are going to start blinking and if I get on the gas before him it means I'll do the quarter mile in under 13 seconds (remember folks, this is a box stock Honda Civic with 180K miles!). This dude starts slowly moving forward, trying to sandwich himself in between Moron #1 and myself. He stops before I have to call and make the appointment to have the automotive Siamese twins separated.

I think if I were able to get out of my car and begin the necessary beatdowns for both of these phlegmatic rapscallions I would have injured myself.