Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lucky Magazine deserves a beatdown. Look at the letter below that I received this past week for the gift subscription I gave wifey as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas:

I've digitally altered the personal and account info, but the crux is this: We received several issues of this magazine and it stopped. Now we get this letter (presumably auto-generated) that they cannot mail us the subscription. This was sent to me at my address, and referencing my wife's name and exact same address as being the undeliverable address. This of course is the very same address this letter came to! Wifey called their customer support, and was met with silence and bewilderment of course. What in the world is wrong with the delivery service at this magazine? Is there something I'm missing? Somebody somewhere has dropped the ball at the 50 yard line, and has somehow managed to kick it out of his own reach for about 49 yards and is about to get an end-zone beatdown.