Saturday, June 25, 2005

This is the Star Wars premier dillweed. Myself and five others had to sit near this rat-bastard and endure his methamphetamine induced childish behavior. Waiting until midnight for the show to start, this guy yelled like he had Tourette Syndrome (with the I.Q. to match, his intelligence never seemed to deviate beyond single-syllable words), generally jumped up and down as is he had rectal cancer (if only), and excused himself uncomfortably past our group so many times I wondered if his bladder would somehow be dragging on the ground behind him if the visits were beverage induced. He was, for lack of a more colorful term, an asshole. Peabrain here was so derelict in manners that the basis for his existence is so thin the world's average would be raised six percentage points if he were to be forcibly removed from existence. He deserves such a vigorous drubbing that I would require hospitalization upon the completion of his justice.