Thursday, June 23, 2005

Submitted by Gary: The “speed up/slow down” idiot: I count on being able to exceed the speed limit by a sizeable margin in order to reduce my lengthy commute. So people who get in my way are a real annoyance, and yesterday’s moron deserves a special beatdown.

Traffic was moving at about 60 mph in the right lane, and some knucklebutt was driving in the fast lane at about 60.1 mph. Needless to say, it took forever for him to pass. Annoying? You bet. But thus far his driving in and of itself does not qualify for a beatdown, because unfortunately our roads are chock full of these types of ignoramuses. What really got me were his actions after he passed the vehicle. Did he move over and allow me to pass? NO! Did he stay in the left lane at 60.1 and allow me to pass on the right? NO! This driving ace stayed in the left lane until I got in the right lane to pass, and then he sped up to 80 mph so that I couldn’t pass. As soon as he got near a car, he proceeded to slow down again. Start the whole infuriating process over again. This happened about 5 times. Wow. A major beatdown that speeds up and then slows down is in order.

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