Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My neighbor deserves a beatdown. I live in a townhouse development, where everyone pays a monthly fee for the "common areas" which include the driveway to our unit, the yard, trees, snow removal, etc. Well, my neighbor has a dog. A big dog. A dog that consumes a lot of food, and therefore excretes a lot of food. Twice a day my neighbor or his girlfriend walk this dog out past our end unit home to the field next to our development (an open marsh area) for the dog to relieve itself. Unfortunately, the dog never makes it that far, and thus does a smashing #2 in the middle of the yard in front of our unit. Yes it's a common area, but now I have lots of dead grass yellow areas which makes my unit look like the ghetto. Thanks a ton, Captain Insensitive. If you own the damn dog, you better be damn ready to clean up after the thing. I'd like to hold him down and force feed him the "lawn prizes" his cherished pet leaves on my lawn. For now I'll settle with using a spade to toss them in front of his driveway.

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