Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Minneapolis, Minnesota USA area is wonderful for paved trails. Everywhere there are nice smooth mini-roads suitable for biking or inline skating (which was invented here in Minnesota). Often times, these trails run parallel to normal city streets, then vear away into residential areas and back. During one of my inline skate trips today, I was on these trails. Inevitably, some high school aged moron in a rusted old Grand something from Pontiac thinks it's clever to shout at me as his car approached alongside. Listen, you overgrown future walmart shopping dead d-cell dildonic waste of carbon atoms, you're not clever. It's been, oh I don't know, fifteen whole minutes since another of your over complimented so-called peers reaching into his empty cranium of creativity and came up with this Hil-Ar-i-Ous idea to "scare the guy skating." I heard your car, you didn't scare me, and frankly you were just a twit peep louder than my iPod. You are NOT clever, you're an idiot, and if you get close enough for us to discuss, I'll demonstrate what an 8 pound plastic boot with wheels and bearings can do to your back end.