Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here in the central part of the United States, there's been a trend of applying "Support Our Troops" ribbon stickers to the back of people's cars. Regardless of where one stands on the war in Iraq, I support our individual troops--they've been committed to a very difficult job and they deserve recognition and respect from their fellow Americans. What I'm ticked off over is the use of the automobile as a political sounding board, and the stupid variations on these ribbon stickers. I'm not knocking breast cancer awareness either, which I seem to recall was doing these ribbon things earlier than the support our troops variety (though I could be wrong). What really irritated me was the one I saw yesterday, this blue and light blue thing that says "Have your pets spayed and neutered." Huh? Have we stooped so low this relatively insignificant political standing on PETS is somehow equated with the war in Iraq, and thus some idiot decided to put these both on her bumper? If there's one person doing it, there's others. How freaking OUT OF TOUCH can you be if you think prevention of unwanted dogs and cats somehow EQUATES to the horror of war, and you thereby cheapen our troops efforts by slapping another sticker on your car? How utterly arrogant, ill-informed, and genuinely witless. You deserve to be forced to remove that "spayed and neutered" sticker with your tongue, you ignorant laggard.