Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Category: Reasons For Road Rage

Today, on my way to work on a 40mph road, there exists a railroad track. A moron in front of me driving a fairly new Ford Escort (a beatdown in and of itself) approaches the railroad track while being in front of me. She proceeds to slow down to a snails pace (like about 3-4 mph) to cross the railroad track. It's not that rough, actually, and I nearly lock up the brakes to avoid pummeling her as she's committed the mortal sin of being in front of me. It takes her almost 20 seconds to cross this, a road that you can easily drive over the tracks at the posted speed limit. I believe, in all fairness, I should have been able to park my car, run up along side her, and reach through the driver's side window and choke her, a la Homer and Bart Simpson. Argh.