Monday, December 29, 2003 deserves a righteous smack upside the head. After suggesting the week before Christmas I use 2 day shipping to ensure the item would arrive in time for the holiday, they piddled around until Christmas Eve before even thinking about shipping the item. Then, that evening, they send me an e-mail with some bullshit story about being overwhelmed and blah blah blah., wake up. You enticed me to spend the extra on the shipping to get it by the holiday, and you fell down flat. While you're down there, I'd like to kick you in the ribs. Beat down.

Update January 2, 2004: After almost two weeks of daily e-mails explaining and re-explaining my position on how I was misled, has agreed to credit me my expedited shipping costs. At this point, the beatdown is officially downgraded to a mild open-handed slap, followed by several dirty looks. -Woof!-