Sunday, February 21, 2010

Screwover #2: The "deluxe" edition album.

The recording industry is in turmoil, no doubt. The business model of working hard a few artists through payola and overprice polycarbonite discs isn't cutting it anymore. So what's a poor record executive to do?

Repackage crap with 2 more tracks. Yep, the "deluxe" edition album. Take a successful album, photoshop the cover (same cover, now with a BLUE TINT!) and add 2 tracks the artist didn't have room for on the first one. Resell it at full price, steal a spot on the album charts, and the uber-fans suck it all up.

Vote with your dollars, folks. Don't fall for this crap. Buy only the singles on iTunes, Zune, Lala, AmazonMP3, whatever, and skip the albums. The days of consumers taking a full album of crapola for 2 singles are over, and we're smarter than this. I feel no compassion for a bunch of entertainment fatcats who screw us over with reruns. Beat 'em down and support artists who don't play this game.