Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice job there First National Bank of Omaha.  I've been a cardholder since 1994, and done 994 transactions over that timeframe according to ye old Quicken.  I'd transfered balances to you several times, made lots of interest payments, and recently paid off the card. It set dormant for about a year, and yesterday you sent me the BucksBack letter--a B.S. program of cashback no better than any other cashback cards (1% on all transactions in $25 dollar intervals), wrapped in a service fee of $49 a year, with terrible interest rates.

So, I rejected your rates and cancelled the card. I'm a good customer, pay interest at times, and am not late.  You made money off me in the past, and were destined to do it more in the future under the existing terms.  But you screwed the pooch.  I was a card member for 15 years, but no more.  I reject your terms and your lame marketing.  It's too bad the banking industry got so greedy these past years they are trying to milk the good customers. I am being milked no more and you rat bastards deserve to be bashed in the head with an early 80's cell phone until you go down like a first fight punk at a UFC bout.