Sunday, August 30, 2009

Civilized common courtesy seems to be slipping more and more these days. Case in point, this last week I'm at the local supermarket for the lunch salad bar.  It's a double-sided bar thing where people mingle around, and generally I'm not too stressed if someone jumps around me to grab bacon if I'm busy populating my lunch with onions.  Eventually all attendees make their way to the dressing area. The woman in front of me has like 5 people waiting for her, and she applies dressing to her salad, closes the cover, and proceeds to shake up the salad to mix the dressing in.  5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds pass.  She stops, oh thank God she's done.  She opens the salad, adds another couple teaspoons of dressing, recloses the salad, and begins her Hawaiian dance yet again.  After 3 rounds of this, she finally leaves, bewildered as to why there are 5 people all giving her "I hope your remains aren't identifiably without dental records" faces.  I hope she's stuck in traffic for the next 5 weeks, and that she gets a baseball bat to the head to see if she even notices it connecting.