Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Today we have another example of half-assing something and not following through. In my townhouse development we've got maintenance on the grounds. Every spring a the company taking care of the grass comes in and treats it with various chemicals, and then because these chemicals might harm kids, pets or drunk relatives passed out face-first in the lawn, they put these little signs up every 20 feet warning you to stay off the grass since they have been, and I quote, "recently treated." That's all fine and dandy, except that:

  • They don't say when the signs were put up
  • They don't say how long we're supposed to stay off the lawn
  • The morons never come and remove the signs!
So, for the past 10 days these signs have been out saying "my God, you could die if you touch the lawn because sometime in the recent past for an undefined amount of time you should stay off the grass, but it could be today because we forgot to come remove our signs. That's okay, because they will probably litter the neighborhood anyway..." *Sigh*, can I get a dirty look for the lawn people please? Also perhaps a swift kick in the skull?