Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trend Micro, I'm calling you out you sleazy bastards. Here's the message I get today as my antivirus software expires:

You can no longer download security updates. Your computer may begin to perform more slowly and erratically as malicious software begins to infest the hard drive and memory. Renew your subscrption now to restore your protection.
Okay, while technically that's somewhat accurate, you could just as well say that neglecting to wash my hands could result in bird flu, leprosy and hot-dog-finger. What a bunch of crap--a less heavy handed approach would be appreciated. Don't call it tough love, call it fear-mongering. You little bastards, I'd like to whack you with my empty glass water bottle. Oh, and it was a free subscription, and I'll be replacing it with something else. *grin*