Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Okay, there's a goober who works in the distribution center that processes orders for Today I get my new goodies for a PC upgrade I'm doing at home, and the box consists of a new processor (in the Intel box), a power supply and some ram sticks. Processors weigh next to nothing, and in fact the fan that Intel bundles with the processor is what gives the package any heft at al--along with the plastic carrier for the items. It's in a display box intended to make the geeks go oooh and ah at the local store, so it's basically folded posterboard. This item was at the bottom of the box. Immediately on top of it, my new power supply. I buy quality power supplies, so they weigh approximately 4,523x more than a processor. Of course when I open this box the power supply has mashed the box for the processor. I thought I was going to have to go through the whole return process for what could have easily been avoided by someone who's IQ exceed the average American male shoe size. Fortunately no damage appears to be done after I opened the processor box. Nevertheless, to the dingus at warehousing, I'd like to wish for you a trip across the country with a 420 pound box "resting" on your shoulders as the trip begins. And a beatdown. If the box doesn't do you in first. Then, maybe anyway.