Monday, April 28, 2008

So it's Sunday, and I'm in the local bookstore. Nature calls and I head to the bathroom. I walk in, step into the second stall and notice a thin layer of water on the floor. It appears the toilet overflowed a little in the first stall. While I'm contemplating if I can make it home without needing said facility, a gentleman walks into the bathroom and into the stall of the overflowed toilet. Exercising the intellect of a bowling ball, he notices it full and flushes the toilet. Of course gallons and gallons of water start flowing all over the floor. This man's stupidity is punctuated by his verbal emit of the phrase "oh my." I beat a hasty retreat and suspect the poor schlep at the bookstore who has to clean up will be wishing death upon Captain FlushAgain and the original perpetrator. Both deserve a severe brandishing.