Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's lunchtime with the fellas at the local wing joint. I prefer to eat wraps instead of wings. Fellow office grunt Joe Mayo orders 6 wings in one flavor, 6 wings in another flavor of sauce. I order a pair of "buffalitos", which are basically softshell tacos with chicken pieces and sauce in them. I try to order those in separate sauces, wanting to try something new. The IQ-of-74 operating the till responds "we can't split up sauces like that" to which I immediately respond "I see, I understand where that would be difficult for you." Good gracious, how tough is it to open two whole separate bottles of sauce to put on the chicken separately? Heck they are made separately. Nice of you to be so customer centric, I'm thinking you deserve some of that spicy garlic sauce in your eyesockets.