Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm traveling again (whoo-freakin'-hoo). So I'm at the airport and the morning coffee is conspiring against me to beat a hasty retreat. I head for the nearest bathroom, and the maintenance crew is there cleaning--no access. So, I hoof it up to the next set of bathrooms and it's closed as well. Swearing to myself I head to the next set, and as I come to that one it's also closed. Finally as I get to number four I find vacancy, only to find it's completely full of guys (presumably from 30-40 flights worth of passengers all seeking the holy grail--a urinal). After performing a traditional Hopi dance for 20 minutes, I finally find the bliss I so sought at the beginning of my journey. Now, I plot against the sanitation "engineer" that successfully coordinated this against me, imagining the beatdown I'd give him if he was within slapping distance.