Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The First National Bank of Omaha is stupid. I have a high balance, low interest rate credit card with these monkeys. I download my monthly transactions to Quicken to automate by heavily financed lifestyle. Around May of this past year it appears First National decided to stop putting the monthly service charge as a line item in the download, and checking my online statements it's not listed as a line item there either. This means I have a "lost" transaction every month I cannot reconcile and have to enter by hand. I file a support call with First National, and receive this worthless response:

Since the finance charges that post to your account each billing cycle are not listed as a separate line item on your credit card account, you will need to manually enter finance charges in Quicken. I apolgogize for the inconvenience.
The spelling error is theirs, BTW. I respond back with this makes downloading transactions worthless because it's incomplete. What morons. They deserve a beatdown, and a reminder that I can easily transfer this account to another card and gleefully pay interest (on time!) to another bank.