Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lunchtime at the local BBQ joint, The Jeff, J.R. and I are awaiting a table. It's 10 minutes before noon. There's an empty table 10 feet in front of us. There's another one 30 feet across the joint as well. The hostess won't seat us, unless we're willing to wait 10 minutes for the server for the near vacant table to show up for her shift. While we're waiting, I watch 2 waitresses standing next to the same table chatting for about five minutes. What the hell is this crap all about? This is a pathetic management issue. (Fair warning, I worked at a restaurant years ago myself as a busboy and occasional server). The inability of the place to plan enough servers (for lunch, that mysterious time of the day when people EAT FOOD) and then make up lame excuses for not seating us is most deserving of a Georgia Mustard beat down.