Monday, January 22, 2007

I live in a townhouse development. Several units together share a single mailbox structure with individual compartments for each unit. This unit is at the end of the inlet along the main road. Today I come home and some 173 year old grandpa parks his Buick-Freakin-Park-Avenue on the street right in front of these mailboxes. There is 10 cars of available space in the front of the mailbox, and 12 cars worth of space behind the mailbox. There is no visible teenage house party on the block--this guy cannot be the one dude who overdid it and left his car there, yet here, in it's Detroit rusting glory, is this Buick. I have to squeeze between it and the mailboxes to get my mail, swearing at it the entire time. The guy who parked this monstrosity and ode to excessive emissions deserves to be choked with his own exhaust.