Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Before you arrogantly insult someone in the room, know your audience. Yesterday I was witness to a conversation about some out of town folks getting lost in our downtown area (Minneapolis, MN, which has tons of one-way streets). One of the participants in the conversation, a local, says "oh, just tell the cops that might pull you over you're from North Dakota." Being I was born and raised there, managed to get an electrical engineering degree and several reasonable paying jobs afterwards, I was offended and gave the person a big smile when she said "you're not from North Dakota are you." I replied "yes." She tried to save face with another "smart" comment by saying "well, you were probably lost the first time you drove in Minneapolis." To this I replied, "no, I used a map" then walked away. I spent several hours revisiting this exchange in my mind, and in all cases I really wanted to end it by smashing a chair over her head.