Monday, November 06, 2006

Snake oil salesmen like self-help book authors and employee development companies do this silly process of applying Capital Letters to everyday things to Highlight Importance when there truly isn't anything important worth highlighting. Case in point is the following from a company employee development program I'm enrolled in:

Data is collected mostly on-line and include a Cognitive ability test, a Personality and Experience inventory and a Career Goals and Interest survey.
Obviously by capitalizing "Cognitive," "Personality," "Experience," "Career Goals", and "Interest" they have somehow elevated the mundane to a new level, while most likely applying some methodology presented as if it was unique. Most of these things are reconstituted bullshit, and repackaging the obvious is generally not worthy of any more attention than a Savage Brutal Beatdown. Certainly unnecessary capitalization isn't needed, though it is an improvement over the Caps Lock key mashed down drivel I get from the open-mouth breathers.