Monday, September 18, 2006

Saturday Wifey and myself are in Chipotle for a massively calorific taste of burrito heaven. Wifey orders first, and moves along the deli style counter to dictate her ingredient choices. I step up to the counter, and am promptly brushed up against by the woman behind me, a 40ish something in a vest (not motorcycle, not for temperatures sake, but rather an aborted attempt at fashion methinks) and totally smothers my personal space. I lean back into her, she slightly steps away. I lean forward to order my burito, she leans back in. I step right, she steps into me. I loudly say to wife "someone has some personal space issues." I HATE people who have to stand right freakin' next to me. I think its fair to give someone a little space when they are in line, at a cash machine, etc. I think this woman deserved to have her burrito order shoved into her ears, and an up-close-and-personal beatdown.