Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So I'm on the way to work this morning, and traffic is heavy due to nearby freeway construction. Normally I could blow through this stretch of road near my home, but it's backed up so I have to stop for cars. The woman behind me, apparently distracted by the pretty bright red lights on the back end of my car, locks up her brakes, and get this, honks at me. Umm, yeah, I'll just HOP OUT OF THE WAY. Listen lady, it's your job to stop when something is in front of you that's stationary. I'm not able to suddenly bunny-hop a Honda Civic aside, and you should be paying attention when my brake lights are on. I honestly hoped she would have hit me so her insurance could help me make the down payment on a new car. That would have been sweet. For now, I can only fantasize about me pouring my spare quart of 5W30 from the trunk into her face to "lubricate" her vision. Ah, bliss.