Thursday, August 24, 2006

Courtesy of Mr. Wizard:

This is a real e-mail I received from one of our vendors. It's not spam.

"Please see the attached importnant announcement regarding our impending move."

A word document was attached which was a letter from their president
talking about how they were moving offices.

#1. If it's such an important announcement, maybe you should run spell check on your letter and make it look like you have better than a 3rd grade education.

#2. If it's such an important announcement, put it in the damn e-mail. Don't make me run through my e-mail system's quarantine to release the attachment and wait for Word to open just to read a plain text letter.

#3. I really don't care that you're moving offices. If you can do so without raising my rates drastically, more power to ya. But don't use it as justification to raise those rates.

And the beatdown stick swings with +10 damage...