Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lunchtime I'm headed down Main Street. Main Street in my city is an homage to capitalism--small town facade with store after trendy store. The road is a single lane in both directions with parallel parking on each side. I'm pulling up behind someone who appears to be parking--he's got his car at a pretty good angle perpendicular to the spot so I figure he's pulling in. But he's not! He looks at me then pulls directly in front of me out of the spot--if I would have floored it I would have nailed him squarely in the driver's door. Then, he pulls around in front of me, essentially making a U-Turn coming OUT of the parking spot, blocking me and the oncoming traffic at the same time! I was spitting blood, I was swearing at him with the vocabulary of Yosemite Sam! I think he needs a few minutes of tire-iron time, and based on the honking, yelling and single figure salutes this bumpkin was getting, I'd have a mob helping me out with the vigilante justice on Main Street.