Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lunchtime at deli type places such as Chipotle can be a chore when trying to find a table to sit at. The corporate crowd comes in and the place gets really busy. That's when the real rat-bastard appears--the table squatter. This person comes in with a large group of people and "reserves" a table by sitting down at it, consuming it up without eating for 10 minutes while her friends go through the line. Then, expand upon this with several squatters and you've got a restaurant full of people sitting but NOT EATING. If they would just wait, and let everything cycle through naturally, everyone would most likely find a place to eat, finish, and get up and go. But nope, not with the squatters. I'd like to poke the eyeballs out of these morons, then Reebok them in the kiester on their way out the door.