Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday. The breakfast buffet. LWhip is in town visiting, and boy is at Grandpa's so wifey, LWhip and I are checking out the local hotel buffet. It's good, lots of nice food, including an omlette bar. I'm walking up to the line with sausages, bacon, and pancakes, and a harried 300 pound bastard in dress clothes cuts in line in front of me. Obviously at 300 pounds (and roughly 6 foot 2) he was in danger of starving to death. He then proceeds to pick through the bacon (yes, his starvation was only going to be satiated by bacon) looking for the "crispy stuff" (his words, not mine). He was rude, just cutting in between my wife and I when he could have easily waited for about 5 seconds and I would have been out of there, then this Michelin Man looking dill-hole with a tie stands there being picky about his bacon (as if he's ever appeared to be picky about his food ever in his lifetime). He deserves to be choked with sausage links and patties, this sloth. As a side note, when LWhip, wifey, and I left--he was still eating.