Thursday, January 12, 2006

So yesterday I'm on the plane on Northworst Airlines from Detroit to Minneapolis. Seated behind me is "Tracy" (her name was on her tag), an off-duty flight attendant catching this flight up to Minneapolis for some reason. Look, I know hardly anybody pays attention to the FAA required "introduction to the airplane belt buckle" speech that we all endure every flight we take, but you'd think that another flight attendant would at least shut her yapper up for a fellow flight attendant. Nope, not Tracy. Her mouth: loud, Southern, and obnoxious, kept flapping the whole time. I was seated next to a Japanese person who was actually paying attention during the presentation, but Tracy's loud mouth basically drown out the speech. Tracy, I need another carry-on. I could stow my first carry-on under the seat in front of me, and the second one in that big-toothed mouth of yours. After which, you'd get a beatdown.