Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From friend of the Beatdown LW: I am making the quaint, though lengthy, trip back to my premises from the holiday gluttony. I stop off at my regular filling station on the way. This place is great. I have a truly loving relationship with this convenience store: In, out, over. But, today, it is very busy, so, I belly up behind a vehicle where the operator is nowhere to be seen. I am thinking this [soon to be alleged] person is inside squaring their charge at the register. A sincere and naive thought, to say the least. I am behind this car for an annoying length of time. I am watching other pumps where cars come and go with ease thinking... OK, if I move, the person will come out, open up this pump and I will be stuck in line behind someone else, so I steady my resolve and wait. I mean, how much longer can this be? Well, my blood reached the boiling point somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes after I arrived. So, I jet out, around, and into the adjacent pump which is, luckily, open. I no more than open my door and the bucket of dog crap (minus the bucket) is waddling out of the store with 4 bags of groceries in tow, gets in the car I was waiting behind, and leaves. Now, this is a 2-fer beatdown: The first is that this guy deserves the pump hastily shoved somewhere for making me wait as he does his week's worth of shopping while camped out at a pump at a busy station, and the second is that this guy deserves a you-pay-for-convenience whack to the sideburns for paying more at a convenience store on an amount of groceries that would have been far cheaper at an actual grocery store... and I bet he complains about the price of gas.