Friday, December 09, 2005

Beatdown, Let Me Count the Reasons: Today The Jeff and I are headed to lunch, so we bobble over to the local sandwich shop that's in a shopping area. We start to turn into the parking lot, and are sitting behind some Stepford Wife looking chick in her BMW, planted right there in the middle of the lane awaiting someone to back out so she can take their spot. She's signalling, and blocking the whole way so I get frustrated and turn past her. Then, as The Jeff and I are walking into the sandwich place, we're behind this same chick and she's giving me dirty looks. She goes through the line by herself (no surprise there), and she sits down in a table for 4 by her arrogant little self while The Jeff and I end up having to cram down on the "bar" style seating area. This chick deserves a knock-down drag out rock-n-roll party in the street beatdown. And a boot to the head.