Thursday, November 03, 2005

Okay, here's the scenario: You're standing in a very long line at the checkouts at your favorite grocery store. There's the usual 30 lines with only 2 of them open while the checkout clerks are out behind the store having a smoke and bitching about how bad their jobs are, when one of them ambles back into the store to finally open a third checkout lane. You're clearly the next person who should be served, and as you make your way on the invitation of the new clerk on checkout 3, someone swoops in and nabs the spot in front of you. They knew you were there, because they did that "I won't look at him because I'm an asshole" move that you'd expect from a moron who cut you off you in traffic. The swooper. I think the swooper deserves to have bamboo shards pushed into his fingernails and three vindictive smashes in his knees from a fish-whacker.