Thursday, September 22, 2005

Upon making his rap album, David Hasselhoff deserves a beatdown. Dude cannot sing. If you can run across his version of "I've Had the Time of My Life" which has such poor vocal timing that you'll spit out your morning coffee (laughing or choking, your choice), you'll know there's no way this mega -so -white -if -he -were -any -whiter -he'd -be- clear man will never be able to rap. Dude, give it up, man. I got nothing but respect for Ice-T producing, but he's got to be in this for the challenge of it.

BTW, if you really do want to hear the David Hasselhoff song I mentioned above, it was a duet with Patricia Paay. Patricia is married to Adam Curry and this song was played on the March 6, 2005 podcast (titled DSC-PPP-2005-03-06) which you can find at It will make you laugh out loud.